Specialty Care

    Get more value from specialty medication and pay fewer out of pocket expenses with the simplified process and ongoing support of Specialty Care.

    Prior authorization

    Make the most from your benefit plan and ensure you're on the right medication for the right medical condition by filling out a prior authorization form. Our experts review each specialty drug to ensure appropriate use and our patient representatives provide timely and responsive support to help process your prior authorization request.

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    Case management

    Everyone's needs are different. That's why we pair each employee with a dedicated case manager to answer questions about specialty therapy and support at every step during treatment. They provide medication guidance and adherence and help minimize any out of pocket expenses by finding ways to fund your co-pay.

    Case managers also:

    Provide compassionate care

    Manage prescription expenses

    Encourage positive health behaviours

    Follow up with ongoing wellness checks

    Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN)

    With access to the most comprehensive pharmacy network in Canada, PPN offers savings to employers and employees alike.

    of Canadians live within 10km of our pharmacy locations


    • Preferred pricing

    • Access to pharmacists

    • 1,750+ locations across Canada

    • Medication adherence management

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    Specialty Formulary Management

    We help support all components that go into deciding how specialty drugs are integrated into an employee's benefits.

    Critically review medical literature on a drug, assess utilization and evaluate for formulary listing

    Offer cost stewardship and drive value with biosimilar options

    Support in managing specialty drug DIN lists

    Work with insurance carriers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers to support drug adjudication and dispensing

    For more information or to add Specialty Care to your suite of benefits, please contact us saleshealthsolutions@shoppersdrugmart.ca